Have you ever climbed Slamet Mountain at central Java?
Maybe you very know about this place, and by your knowledge of this resort it make you bore. Or you don't know the place very well, so you neglected it for one of your choosen place that should be visited?all depends on you
Here, I want to share something about my experience for my journey to Slamet mountain's peak. Slamet  Mt. is one of many highest mount on Java, it is the 2nd in ranking, after Semeru Mt. Slamet has 3432 metres above the surface of the sea (dpl) in tall. For central Java it is the highest mount. Slamet has good sustainability. I'm here, now in 19th, haven't ever seen this mount get an accident like another mountain that make spotlights earlier. For celebrate my independent day, my close friends and I have plan for the trip to this peak, and the plan get starting at september.
On September, 8th 2011 the plan has beggan. At 02.00 pm my friends and I has gathering at someone's home for prepare everything and to get knowing who want to come join us for the trip. We have gathering now, and we are 30. At 03.30 pm we start the trip. We picked up by a vehicle, to get closing the village near the legs of mount. Then we have arrived. We need to meet someone who know more about the mountain, to get an advice when we are get the trip, in here called "juru kunci"-the key-man-of the mount.
We continue the trip. We are getting the track, enter the jungle and get elevating. Walking around the track to find the right way to get the peak. At 05.07 pm at that day, we are now at Plawangan. The first place that show the way to get closer the peak. We take rest for the moment there, we eat our food. These are some photos at there :

hahaha, we are still get narsics
Then we go ahead. Get deeper in the jungle. But have we long time to walking around the track is not found. Oh, it is not too good now. the time shows at 06.08 pm, day get dark. We are lost. Our leader try to make all crews get calm, and take a decission to get back to the first place. We are down, and doesn't need long time , we find the true first place. It is at 07.05 pm.
We get a rest for pray together before, and go ahead, trip is continuing. we are still get big spirit , though our energy have get losses. At 08.00 pm we are arrive on Pondok Gribig,  the first rest place for this mount. This  place is 1700 metres dpl. We take a rest and get eating our food. Everyone has ready, we continue the trip.
Pondok Gribig at the day

We are now on the track to get the 2nd rest place, at Pondok Pakis. The track is very different with before now. Un wide track and many climbed trees above the track, it resist every step of our trip. And then the place is get put on. We take a rest for the moment. Then we continue the trip. The track get more elevating now. And the wind blows hardly. At 11.52 pm we arrive at 3rd rest place,  Samyang Rangkam, 2665 metres dpl. We take a rest again. And then continue the track.
Pondok Pakis
Pondok Gua
The wind blows harder than before, there are very cool. And when we get up thte place the precentage of the oxigen is get lower, it is disturb us. At 01.32 am, September, 9th 2011 we are arriving at the 4th rest place,  Pondok Gua. We directly lying down,find the place for we get sleeping. The trip will continue at 04.30 am to get the peak. 04.30 am, at September, 9th 2011, it need one step more for the peak. We should through the land of rock that named, Watu Cadas. And then, at 05.53 we are win. We are at the peak of Slamet mountain. It's EXCITING, WONDERFULL PLACE. These are some picture at there :

Thanks for coming, interesting?let getting the trip

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